fan of 100 U.S. dollar banknotes15 Money-Saving Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

Here are 15 money-saving tips you haven’t heard before, you need to try out.

1.Cancel unused subscriptions – Sift through credit card and bank statements to identify recurring subscriptions you no longer use. Cutting them stops “phantom” charges that bleed cash.

2. Downsize your internet speed – Internet providers typically overprovision speeds. You can likely drop a tier and still have sufficient bandwidth, for $10-20 monthly savings.

3. Inquire about unadvertised discounts – Ask providers about any lesser-known discounts for things like paperless billing, autopay, or multi-line packages. Companies don’t always volunteer these.

4. Trim cable channels – Call your cable company and cut expensive channels you rarely watch. Pick flex or skinny bundles without the spendy sports and movie options to lower costs.

5. Buy gift cards for future splurges – When you have extra funds, purchase gift cards you can use later for pricier purchases. You’ll lock in discounts now while delaying spending.

6. Renegotiate your cell phone bill – Mobile carriers are eager to keep existing customers. Use this leverage to request lower rates, more data or new perks if you threaten to switch.

7. Take a cash-only week – Try spending cash-only for a full week. The tangible impact of handing over physical money resensitizes you to what things cost. You’ll likely curb impulse buys.

8. Inspect appliances for efficiency – Replace aging appliances like refrigerators and water heaters with new ENERGY STAR models to reap long-term energy savings. Look for rebates.

9. Cancel poorly-performing subscriptions – Evaluate monthly services like clothing boxes and meal kits. If you get little value from a subscription, promptly cancel to avoid forgetful overspending.

10. Select cheaper driving routes – Use apps like GasBuddy to map cheaper gas stations along your regular commute. Taking a few minutes longer can save a few cents per gallon.

11. Downsize your home – With kids gone and more space than you need, downsizing to a smaller, cheaper home can significantly trim housing costs, utilities and taxes.

12. Buy medications from discount apps – Apps like GoodRx and WellRx can help you comparison shop for cheap generics and use coupons to lower prescription costs.

13. Buy quality shoes – Pay more initially for well-constructed, comfortable shoes that last years rather than cheap pairs you replace annually. The long-term savings are substantial.

14. Avoid convenience fees – Pay bills with checks or your bank’s bill pay rather than services that charge “convenience fees” for online payments. The small fees add up.

15. Cancel old memberships – Ditch unused gym memberships, alumni associations and subscriptions that hit your wallet monthly yet provide little personal value.