When you own a Huespay Group, You are qualified to post only three original and quality articles every Sunday using our recommended AI which writes the article for you. This means every Sunday you must change your three articles and replace them with another three for the week.

To own a Huespay Group, ensure to do the following:


  • Join a Huespay Group. Your upline whom you registered through their referral link will refer you to join a Huespay Group. This can be their group or the group of which they are also a member.
  • Activate your account carrying out 180 upvotes in a maximum of 3 to 5 days immediately after joining Huespay.
  • Use your referral link to refer 5 persons to join Huespay, and add them to the Huespay Group of which you’re a member. These 5 persons referred you must all activate their accounts.
  •  Accumulate 210 Gases.

Congrats! You will now be qualified to start a Huespay Group.

  • Now that you have a Huespay Group, start building it up referring another set of 5 persons using your referral link. This time around add these 5 persons to your group. Every Hues group has a unique ID which every member must use to join the group.
  • These 5 persons want to start a Huespay Group just like you so that they can earn. They now proceed to refer 5 persons each into your group, and the statistics are below:

-You refer 5 persons: You: 1 x 5 = 5 members
-5 Persons refer 5 each: 5 members: x 5 = 25 members
-25 persons refer 5 persons each: 25 members: x 5 = 125 members.
-125 persons refer  5 persons each: 125 members x 5 = 625 members.

You now have 625 people in your team, but you need just 500 members. It’s recommended to have up to 625 members just in case you need a replacement when a member is no longer active or available.

It is also of high advantage since you need  500 active members who carry out 60 upvotes daily earning you 30,000 comments cash worth $1 eligibility.

Luckily if more than 500 members carry 60 upvotes daily in your Huespay Group, then you will be rewarded with more comment cash helping you reach eligibility faster.

This means you can have as many members in your team as possible, but 500 is recommended and more than 500 is an extra advantage for more comment cash.


All members in your Huespay Group carries out their upvote on your article to get rewarded with upvotes, while you are rewarded with comment cash when comments are dropped on your article.

Referrals on Huespay have been reduced from 1000 to 500. So you only need at least 500 members in your Huespay Group who upvote every day for you to be rewarded with comment cash.

The goal is based on the comments you receive on your article no matter who comments on it. This means that even when team members are not complete in your group, it’s legal for you to use other means to attract comments on your article, including comments from the public who are not members of Huespay or any method of your choice, then comment cash will be rewarded to you.

However, even while you own a Huespay Group, you are still a member of another Huespay Group in other to carry out your upvotes over there, as you cannot make upvotes on your article and be rewarded with upvotes.

When commenting to accumulate upvotes for yourself, please ensure your comments are short, natural, and originally written, and please do not copy comments to repost.

Always ensure comments are related to the article on which it is being commented.  Our algorithm deletes inappropriate comments that violate this policy and that deducts your upvotes accumulated from the inappropriate comments.

30,000 Comment Cash = Worth $1 Eligibility


If you need to withdraw $35 in income accumulated from upvotes, you will need Eligibility worth $35.

When 500 team members carry out 60 comments daily on your article, you’re rewarded with 30,000 comments cash worth $1 eligibility.

Please note, that every member on Huespay carries out 60 upvotes a day, but not on 60 different articles, but rather on 3 articles.

  • Morning:  20 upvotes =Comment on one article 20 times
  • Afternoon: 20 upvotes =Comment on the second article 20 times.
  • Evening: 20 upvotes =Comment on the third article 20 times.

-As a Huespay Group Leader, do not forget to change your articles every Sunday posting an additional three and updating your members to continue their upvotes on it.

-Also ensure to make 60 upvotes daily to help you earn, where 420 upvotes in a week, earn you $35  income.


Daily Activities of a Huespay Group Member:

  • Make 60 upvotes daily
  • Accumulate 15 gases daily
    Your Reward: Upvotes =$35 weekly from 420 Upvotes,  Gas =Gas Withdrawal Eligibility.

Daily Activities of a Huespay Group Leader

  • Make 60 upvotes daily
  • Accumulate 15 gases daily
  • Post three new articles every Sunday
    Your Reward: Upvote ($35 weekly from 420 Upvotes), Gas (Gas Withdrawal Eligibility) and Comment Cash(Withdrawal Eligibility )


Withdrawal plan



$150 (monthly income)

Withdraw $75 twice a month (14th & 28th of the month)

-Own a Huespay Group with 500 Group members.

-Comment Cash worth your intended withdrawal. 

-840 upvotes (Self)

-210 Gases (Self)

Direct Bank Deposit 



Chipper Cash

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