woman prayingThe Best Way to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Fast


Carrying high-interest credit card debt is one of the biggest drags on personal finances. But utilizing the right payoff strategy can help you shed credit card debt quickly and efficiently. Here is a step--step guide to the best method for paying off credit card balances fast:

1. Assess your balances

Take stock of all credit cards you carry debt on along with interest rates, minimum payments, and balances. Create a simple table to capture all pertinent details and track payoff progress. Identify the card with the highest interest rate.

2. Reduce expenses

Build a tight budget that maximizes the cash flow you can devote towards debt repayment. Cut discretionary costs like dining out, entertainment, memberships and expensive grocery items. Stick to necessities while attacking debt.

3. Sell unused items

Liquidate any valuables, old electronics, furniture, equipment or other items collecting dust. Selling through Craigslist, Facebook marketplace or consignment provides cash that can immediately make a dent in balances.

4. Earn extra income

Consider taking on a side gig or freelance work for supplemental income focused solely on debt elimination. Every extra dollar earned should go straight towards balances.

5. Freeze new spending

Halt all new credit card charges so balances stop increasing. Use debit cards or cash so you avoid digging the hole deeper. Make a payment plan based on current static balances.

6. Attack the highest interest rate card first

Pay as much as possible monthly above the minimum payment on the credit card with the highest interest rate first. Keep minimum payments on all other cards.

7. Apply windfalls

Use any monetary windfalls like tax refunds, bonuses or gifts to make lump sum payments on high rate cards. These spurts accelerate the debt payoff timeline.