“Web Animation Techniques: Bringing Your Site to Life”

10 secret website animation techniques to try for your website

Did you know that 38% of visitors will stop engaging with your website if they find it unattractive?

There’s no excuse for having a poor website design, too. Web designers are more talented than ever before and have started using advanced web design techniques to make websites more inviting and user-friendly.

Our personal favorite? Web animation.

Today, you can apply creative web animation techniques to make your website more interactive. Use them to deliver an exceptional user experience through bold colors, streamlined movements, and exciting effects.

In this guide, we’ll list ten amazing website animation techniques and a few innovative web animation examples you can try to give your own web layout a creative boost.

The 10 best web animation techniques to use in website design

From funny GIFs to subtle hover effects to full-screen moving images, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to engaging web animations. Let’s look at the ten best web animation techniques to create a usable and visually interesting web design.

1. Navigation

10 Secret Website Animation Techniques. Image 1

Source: Telegram

You don’t need to worry about using complicated tools or external libraries to give your web page a fresh look.

Smooth navigation transitions, like screen overlaps and disappearing menu items, are great to improve accessibility, break down your site into different categories, and save more white space. These minimalistic transitions are designed following the “less is more for website content” strategy and keep the focus on the main area of the website.

Navigation also keeps users engaged, making them more likely to take out time and explore your website.

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