Domestic violence is the cause of failed relationships:marriages :here are the reasons.

Blessing Inyang

Domestic violence is a deeply disturbing issue that tragically affects many marriages, leading to their ultimate failure. This harsh reality stems from various reasons that contribute to the breakdown of these relationships. First and foremost, domestic violence creates an environment characterized fear, intimidation, and abuse, which makes it virtually impossible for love and trust to flourish. Victims of domestic violence often endure physical and emotional harm, depriving them of the feeling of safety within their own homes and suffocating any possibility of a healthy partnership. Additionally, the perpetrator’s desire for control engenders an atmosphere of dominance and submission, erasing any semblance of equality necessary for a successful marriage. These power dynamics strip away the foundation needed for open communication and compromise – key elements vital to maintaining a loving connection. Ultimately, failure becomes inevitable as hope fades away in the face of continuous maltreatment within the confines meant to nurture love and support.

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