How can we stop fathers from molesting their female children in the society?

Blessing Inyang

It is deeply disturbing to comprehend the extent of father-child incest in our society, and seeking effective measures to prevent such heinous acts is imperative. Firstly, it is crucial to create awareness through comprehensive sex education at an early age. By teaching children about healthy boundaries, consent, and appropriate touch, we can empower them with knowledge and help identify any problematic behaviors. Society must also foster an environment where victims feel safe to disclose their experiences without fear or judgment. Encouraging open communication within families and promoting emotional support systems can bolster victims’ confidence to speak up. Moreover, implementing rigorous legal frameworks that prioritize the protection of abuse survivors while holding perpetrators accountable is essential to tackling this issue. Mental health support should be provided for both victims and offenders, offering rehabilitation opportunities for the latter in order to break the cycle of abuse. Ultimately, eradicating fathers molesting their daughters requires a systemic approach encompassing education, awareness, legal reforms, and mental health initiatives aimed at addressing this societal plague head-on.

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Esther Williams

Sex Education should be taught in colleges and universities, mothers should keep a close watch on their children, fathers should be enlighten too on the consequences of molesting their children

Ekaette Asanga

By creating awareness and letting them know the impact female child could bring on lives

Mandu Udoh

The society must foster and environment where victims are not discriminated a way creating the awareness in the society.

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