Why sex education should be taught at home first before school?

Blessing Inyang

I totally get why some parents are opting for homeschooling as the first step in their child’s education journey. For starters, it allows for a more personalized and tailored approach to learning. At home, parents can take into account their child’s individual needs, interests, and strengths, crafting a curriculum that truly resonates with them. This level of customization can ensure a deeply engaging and meaningful educational experience from an early age. Additionally, teaching at home creates a nurturing environment where children feel safe to explore and ask questions without fear of judgment or falling behind their peers. It fosters a strong parent-child bond based on trust and open communication. Plus, removing the distractions of a traditional classroom enables kids to focus better on their studies while also providing flexibility around scheduling and travel opportunities for real-world learning experiences outside the confines of school walls. In essence, homeschooling empowers families to create a vibrant ecosystem of education that goes beyond textbooks alone, instilling in children not just knowledge but also critical thinking skills, creativity, self-discipline, and resilience – crucial qualities for lifelong success.

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